45004 Café+

Age +3

This versatile set helps children develop their ability in a wide range of areas, from exploring number, shapes and colors to understanding trade, money, social roles and building and following instructions. Use the menu card to order one of the items and then have the children make it, just like the picture. Get them to buy two items to learn how to add numbers together. All of the elements in this set are bright, colorful and with large pieces that have rounded edges, very friendly for small hands. The product is designed for at least 4 children and comes with a range of inspirational activity ideas.

Key Learning Values:

  • Set is designed for groups of children
  • Includes 10 unique coin elements to teach money and numbers
  • Menu card and 5 recipe cards show children how to build each model
  • Features a sturdy storage box
  • Contains many special elements to stimulate building play
  • Allows for varied role play with a café, shop and kitchen
  • Role play involving customers, chefs or serving staff
  • Key learning outcomes are related to numbers, but the set allows you to extend this to language development and role play
  • Set caters for directed and free play
  • Teacher materials include an activity to start play as well as inspirational ideas and tips to expand play further

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