45007 Large Farm

Age +2

Teach children about farming, animal care, seasons and crops with this extensive farm set. It allows you to explore a range of subjects across the curriculum, from simple ideas such as what noises the animals make to more complex ones that could include how to look after them and what the changing seasons mean for our food supply and how to grow different crops. The range of animals also means that it can be used to teach sorting and categorizing. This set can be used by a number of children as it contains many different elements and is an ideal way to stimulate creativity. It actively encourages free play and comes with a range of inspirational activity ideas.

Key Learning Values:

  • Includes two farm buildings and an animal shelter
  • Accessories include a tractor, a milk truck, conveyor belt, many different farm animals, fences, and farm implements
  • Features a sturdy storage box
  • Use this large set to stimulate children’s creativity
  • Teach about the range of noises that farm animals make
  • Explore the subject of animal care and what each of us needs to lead a happy and fulfilled life
  • Open out the learning into an opportunity to look at crops and seasons
  • Take part in role play between the farmer and his animals
  • Teaches children how to sort and categorize the different farm animals
  • Use the tractor for a range of purposes from delivering feed to transporting the animals
  • Includes one page of teacher materials featuring inspiration, ideas and tips

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