9594 Green City for MINDSTORMS

Age +1½

Providing students with a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education robotics challenge that involves building an energy efficient city and programming robots to complete tasks such as powering a wind turbine and closing a dam. The set includes three training mats, a challenge mat and bricks to build a variety of green city models. This is an Add-on Set to the MINDSTORMS Education Base Set and Software and requires the Activity Pack for Green City for MINDSTORMS.

Key Learning Values:

  • Covers key areas in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Literacy
  • Design, build and present robots that can be tested and developed to perform specific tasks
  • Experiment with speed and distance whilst exploring the effects of friction
  • Develop research skills, make predictions and draw conclusions
  • Excercise problem-solving and team-working skills

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