BIG Multi Sound Wheel

kr. 5.800

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Skemmtilegt stýri fyrir BIG Bobby sparkbílana.

Stýrið er með góðu gripi, útvarpi, hringitón, LED blikkljós, flautu, start-hljóði og hurðalæsingar hljóði.

Stýrið þarf 3x AAA batterí.

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The BIG-Multi-Sound-Wheel is guaranteed to make driving a truly unique and exciting experience for all those little BIG-Bobby-Car owners aged one year and above. The easy-grip steering wheel is based on the design of Formula 1 steering wheels and the stylish colour scheme makes this a real design feature. It can be easily attached to all BIG-Bobby-Cars using the screws supplied.

By pressing the buttons, which have been designed especially with little fingers in mind, those little drivers will be amazed and delighted to hear the real sounds that „big“ vehicles make. The On/Off button is pressed to start the wheel. As soon as this has been operated, the sound of a starter motor can be heard. The indicator on either the left or the right hand side can then be operated by the touch of a button and the familiar indicator sound can be heard. After a quick glance over the left or right shoulder to check that the road is clear, the exciting journey can begin. A relaxing ride requires the right type of music and this can be played by pressing the radio button. The cheerful BIG-Bobby-Car song will get all those little drivers singing along.

And when the driver in front hasn’t noticed that the traffic light has turned to green, then the horn can be pressed to get his attention. If there’s a queue ahead, then the drivers behind can be alerted to the cars in front by switching on the hazard warning light, which is concealed behind the realistic triangular-shaped button. Now all we’ve got to do is phone home and tell mum we’ll be a bit late for tea. Luckily there’s a big switch with a picture of a green telephone receiver on it. When this is pressed, the sound of the dial tone and the ring tone can be heard.

At the end of a long journey, when the little driver has spotted a suitable parking place, the indicator can be switched on and the car can be parked perfectly. This much-loved red racer can be securely locked by pressing the central locking button which makes the familiar locking sound. And, of course, every time the indicator button is pressed, a light will shine on either one side, or both sides of the steering wheel, depending on which option has been selected.

3 x AAA LR3


Þyngd 300 g
Ummál 19.3 × 19.3 × 10.5 cm



Simba Dickie Group, er þýskt fyrirtæki, sem er með nokkur vörumerki undir sínum hatti. Fyrirtækið hefur í fjölda ár framleitt vönduð og góð leikföng fyrir börn.