Community Playthings

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Children come first

Children want to play. They want the freedom to invent, imagine, and discover. To run, to move, to dance. To try, to achieve. They want places to share with their friends. They need spaces where they can be alone to read or think, or just to be. At Community Playthings we allow our motto ‘Children come first’ to guide us as we design, build and create the solid wood furniture and play equipment which will support your children as they play and learn. Our products are intentionally simple and open-ended, robust and beautiful to allow your children the freedom to use their imaginations, to develop and grow.

Built to last

Community Playthings products are tough, sturdy and made for children to use every day. To ensure that all items exceed their 15-year warranty we use only the very highest quality materials, assuring the longevity of your learning environment, adding value for money and reducing long term operating costs.

Community Playthings exclusively use real, solid wood – no imitation wood such as MDF. Outdoors we use Accoya®, a pickled, rot-proof wood that is, among other things, used as canal-siding and decking. The fabrics are also among the best available, designed to withstand daily use in early years settings. Sileather™, used on all our soft seating, can be cleaned with any type of disinfectant, and not even a ballpoint pen will permanently stain.

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