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Includes a set of 30 rubber suction cups in 6 different colors. For instance, children can use the suction cups to add an element of competition to card games, making them more exciting and stimulating. Specifically, using the suction cups, try to grab a card as quickly as possible. Whoever has collected the most cards at the end of the game is the winter. The suction cups can also be used as a stand for image cards. Alternatively, they can be used to set theme sheets upright, to reduce glare.


30 rubber suction cups in 6 colors
cotton bag

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Welcome to the world of Educo: a colourful world full of playful learning, new ideas, and challenging educational games. In this world, there is plenty of time and attention for the development of every single child. Children instinctively learn when they play. Through play, children gain valuable experiences that allow them to grow and develop. Educo provides play-based learning through active hands-on products that inspire growth and success in children aged 3-6 years.


Þyngd 200 g
Ummál 8 × 8 × 8 cm