Guidecraft Block Science Foundation Sets

kr. 17.450kr. 61.060

Block Science, as a pioneering extension of the unit blocks system, adds a rich introduction to physics and essential cognitive development to traditional classroom block play. The Foundation Sets are designed to exercise early engineering concepts, collaboration, and the study of matter, motion and mathematics. Plastic building and roadway clips stabilize builds, drawbridges and loops to enable taller, sturdier and more mobile tracks and builds. Simplified, wooden cars with soft plastic wheels easily glide across the solid wood tracks while carrying algebraic people designed for mathematical and dramatic play activities. Each Foundation Set includes Concept Cards for building examples and language associations. Ages 3+


Available in a 55-piece set, a 92-piece set and a 155-piece set
Enhance and expand on traditional block play
Smooth sanded beech wood roadways connect with plastic roadway clips
Over-molded plastic building clips create stable builds and fit standard unit blocks
Algebraic people have symbols for math activities or differentiation during dramatic play
Develop fine motor skills, early engineering concepts, teamwork, collaboration, spatial thinking, problem solving, and STEM concepts
Requires standard unit blocks for proper building experience
Ideal for one or two builders


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