Hape Hljóðfæri – DJ mix og spin stúdíó

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Skemmtilegt hljóðfæri frá Hape.
1+ árs
The versatile DJ Mix & Spin Studio develops musical learning at different ages. Toddlers can discover the joy of music at the touch of a button, but as they grow they can start learning to play the keyboard and discover how to mix tracks. The keyboard has four instrument sounds (piano, bass, organ and drum), and it comes with a music booklet with eight different songs, as well as musical alphabet stickers to put on the piano keys to help children learn the songs. The DJ Mix & Spin Studio will last for years and accompany your child’s growth and musical journey.
Play four different instruments with the keyboard, choose from five backing tracks and 18 sound effects to mix your own tracks, and use the slider to adjust the tempo.
As your child grows they can start mixing more complex tracks, while learning to play the keyboard with help from the enclosed booklet.

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Powered by 3 AA 1.5V batteries ( not included )

Let your little DJ make magical music and learn about sounds while playing with this interactive sound mixer toy

Have a mini-concert at home while your kiddo makes epic tunes with the 18-key piano

Kids can choose from 18 fun sound effects, 5 background tunes, and 4 DJ noises mix

Feature speed and a scratchable record

This studio encourages creativity and a love for music while developing hand-eye coordination and rhythm


Þyngd 830 g
Ummál 34 × 5 × 19 cm



LOVE - PLAY - LEARN Holding the Hape philosphy dear to the design of every product. Love is the mutual love between child and parent. Play is the experience of success or failure. Learn is the natural outcome from love and play. Deep in our hearts, we believe that play is the most import thing for children all over the world. Germany invented the word and the concept "kindergarten", and if children learn true play, they will have deeper understanding of many things in life and therefore become better adults in the future.