Hape Hljóðfæri – Flower Power Gítar

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Skemmtilegt hljóðfæri frá Hape.
3+ ára
1960s-themed 26-inch wooden guitar
Get strumming on this beautiful blue guitar! A cross between a classical guitar and a ukulele, it’s the perfect size for younger children wanting to learn an instrument.

Vörunúmer: HAP0600 Flokkur: Merkimiðar: , , , , ,


Optimized design for play by toddlers and younger children

Great for learning about simple addition and subtraction

Introduces children to weight, measurements and balance


Þyngd 110 g
Ummál 65 × 6 × 6 cm



LOVE - PLAY - LEARN Holding the Hape philosphy dear to the design of every product. Love is the mutual love between child and parent. Play is the experience of success or failure. Learn is the natural outcome from love and play. Deep in our hearts, we believe that play is the most import thing for children all over the world. Germany invented the word and the concept "kindergarten", and if children learn true play, they will have deeper understanding of many things in life and therefore become better adults in the future.