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Skemmtilegt hljóðfæri frá Hape.
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Drum roll please! Help your little ones make their first musical explorations with this brilliant kids toy drum. The gentle sounds and flashing lights on this musical toy are perfect for encouraging a love of music and developing fine motor skills.
Play-along toy drum that uses flashing lights to teach kids how to play.
Encourages patience, logical thinking and a love of music.
Features six basic rhythms and five songs to play along with.

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Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)

Help your kids explore music and discover tempo and rhythm! This drum set features a Rhythm Training Mode and a Tunes Exploring Mode to help your child practice early music skill, with flashing lights to guide them while playing

There are two drumsticks included which help your kids to develop their hand muscles and coordination while they play six basic beats in Rhythm Training Mode. The drum has a built-in holder to prevent the sticks from getting lost

Once the basic play has been mastered, switch to Tunes Exploring Mode and play along to the music, with five different songs to choose from. The flashing lights will act as a guide while your toddler discovers their love for music

Not only is this colorful toy drum set fun, but can also develop their hand-eye coordination

Simply bang on the drum using the drumsticks or your hands to create a beat. Even when switched off, you can tap the silicone surface to produce a classic drum sound


Þyngd 430 g
Ummál 19 × 11 × 17 cm



LOVE - PLAY - LEARN Holding the Hape philosphy dear to the design of every product. Love is the mutual love between child and parent. Play is the experience of success or failure. Learn is the natural outcome from love and play. Deep in our hearts, we believe that play is the most import thing for children all over the world. Germany invented the word and the concept "kindergarten", and if children learn true play, they will have deeper understanding of many things in life and therefore become better adults in the future.