Hape Hljóðfæri – Might Echo Hljóðnemi

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Skemmtilegt hljóðfæri frá Hape.
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This battery-free toy microphone stimulates speech and singing in toddlers aged 12 months and up.
It’s perfect for encouraging role-playing and creative expression.

Toddlers can build their confidence by singing along to their favourite tunes or adding an echo-effect to amplify their voice.

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With the high-quality, battery-free Mighty Echo Microphone toy, everyone can sing like a pop-star!

Mighty Echo Microphone ensures hours of fun for the little musicians. Kids can sing their favorite songs and add Echo to the voice without batteries

This Microphone toy features attractive primary colors with musical note graphics. Whether you are singing alone or playing with a band, this will help you stand out

The music toy stimulates speech and singing ability in toddlers. This toy promotes development of musical skills and creative expression

Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials


Þyngd 300 g
Ummál 8 × 8 × 20 cm



LOVE - PLAY - LEARN Holding the Hape philosphy dear to the design of every product. Love is the mutual love between child and parent. Play is the experience of success or failure. Learn is the natural outcome from love and play. Deep in our hearts, we believe that play is the most import thing for children all over the world. Germany invented the word and the concept "kindergarten", and if children learn true play, they will have deeper understanding of many things in life and therefore become better adults in the future.