Ideo Picto Pictogram táknmynd – daglegar athafnir

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Create a sequence! You can create sequences or social scenarios.
A convenient arrow pictogram is also included in the kit and may be used to point at each pictogram during a given sequence.


One set contains:
280 Magnetic Pictograms
1 magnetic door hanger (double sided)
1 IdeoStatik (28 x 21 cm)
1 dry erase marker

A ritual is a sequence of icons where the illustration is associated with each step of a task, social scenario or activity. For example: taking a bath, brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

For example, use the following icons for the bath ritual. Go to the toilet, flush, take a bath, wash your body, wash your hair, play in the bath and dry yourself.

Place these icons on the IDEOstat or door hanger. With the arrow icon from this kit you can point to each part of the ritual.

This enables your child to follow the steps necessary to complete a task properly.

For example, you can personalize the blank pictograms with the Dry-Erase marker. But the Dry-Erase marker can also be used to write on the door hanger and the IDEOstatik.


Þyngd 500 g
Ummál 30 × 25 × 3 cm