Ideo Picto Pictogram táknmynd – umbunarkerfi

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This Magnetic Reward Kit is a stimulation and motivation for all children. The children develop his/her independence by rewarding daily preformance.
With help of the IDEOstatik, you can create a social scenario. That is an illustration of a social situation to help someone better understand these situations and improve her/his ability to interact socially. With the Dry Erase marker you can easily customize the IDEOstatik.


One set contains:
10x magnetic pictograms with illustrations of daily tasks
Magnetic reward pictograms 10x
Privilege magnetic pictograms
IdeoStatic layer for any smooth metal surface (28×21 cm)
Dry erase marker


Þyngd 500 g
Ummál 30 × 25 × 1 cm