Perlusett lítið – jól

kr. 680

HAM4117: Approx. 450 beads, 1 small penguin pegboard No. 325 and ironing paper.

HAM4118: Approx. 450 beads, 1 small round pegboard No. 222 and ironing paper.

Vörunúmer: HAMJOL2 Flokkar: , , , Merkimiðar: , ,


  • Set with approx. 450 colourful midi iron-on beads in different colours, ironing paper and the pegboard penguin in white
  • Contains 5mm diameter midi beads, these are recommended for crafting with children aged 5 and up, ironing should be taken by an adult
  • Craft beads are versatile and are suitable for the production of pixel pictures, small figures or for cutting, sewing and threading
  • Craft with beads promotes concentration, fine motor skills and creativity in a playful way
  • Original Hama ironing beads and accessories are made from harmless plastic (free from plasticisers such as BPA and phthalates)


Þyngd 50 g
Ummál 18 × 12 × 2 cm

Jólasveinn, Dýr



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