PLUS-PLUS Grunnkubbar 100 stk – 3 Gerðir

kr. 1.355

Ein lögun sem skapar óteljandi möguleika.

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A great Open-Play pack with 10 basic / 6 pastel / 6 neon colors

Make colorful creations in basic/pastel/neon colors with this great little starter pack. The pack size makes it a great little gift item to anyone who wishes to give a present that sparks the imagination.
This is one of our Open-Play items that come with a specific amount of Plus-Plus but no instructions on how and what to build. It is therefore completely up to the child to decide what to build.

Perfect for encouraging creativity and imagination in kids
Hygienic play – can be washed in washing machine or dishwasher
BPA-and phthalate-free
Designed and made in Denmark


Þyngd 100 g
Ummál 8 × 5 × 20 cm