PLUS-PLUS Grunnkubbar 1200 stk – Grunnlitir

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Build anything imaginable with a mix of 10 basic colors

This box is one of our most popular products and it’s a great starter box for anyone who wants to get started with Plus-Plus. With a multi color mix of blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange, brown, grey, white and black and 1200 pcs. there is plenty of pieces to build from. With Plus-Plus the rule is that there is no rule and there is no wrong way to play!

The box includes a full-color, fold-out booklet with inspirations but we encourage open play to really get the imagination going. Mix and match any Plus-Plus set to bring more ideas to life!

Plus-Plus is perfect for encouraging creativity and imagination in kids
Hygienic play – can be washed in washing machine or dishwasher
BPA-and phthalate-free
Designed and made in Denmark


Þyngd 1000 g
Ummál 20 × 20 × 20 cm