Rubens Barn Mini EcoBuds

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Explore nature and its wonder together with Rubens Barn’s smallest, handmade and organic Mini EcoBuds. Friendly with lots of character, the Mini EcoBuds follow along giving comfort in both sleep and play to the littlest of adventures.

We are soft handmade doll made from organic cotton. When you adopt us, two tree are planted for our planet together with One Tree Planted. We come with a Tree Certificate to sign and gift to a loved one. We also have a pair of strings on my back which means you can easily attach us to your bag or pram so we can come with you on all your adventures!

Rubens Mini EcoBuds care about the environment

Rubens Mini EcoBuds are made of Organic Content Standard (OCS) organic cotton. They are filled with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) polyester fibre.

Elm: I like to rest in my little treehouse high up among the branches.

Flora: I’m like a flower that loves to bloom wild and free.

Basil: I love to sit sheltered from the wind, enjoying the sun.

Lily: I love the calm of the forest or walking in beautiful gardens.

Height: 23 cm

Weight: 50 g

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PSST! Let’s make fun doll clothes together! Get inspired though our D.I.T. Nature Edition!


Þyngd 5 g
Ummál 12 × 12 × 25 cm



Rubens Barn

Play Your Way to a Kinder Future with Rubens Barn! At Rubens Barn, we believe in helping children become confident and compassionate individuals. This is why each Rubens Barn doll has been developed to help increase creativity and empathy as well as self-awareness through play. They are Swedish designed, high-quality, and handmade soft dolls, all with happy unique characters for us who are kids at heart! Our Mission & Vision At Rubens Barn, we love collaborating with experts, listening to our customers, and finding inspiration from other industries. This motivates and inspires us to keep up with the needs of the current and future generations to come. We offer a unique and nurturing friend to all children around the world to help them develop the tools and confidence through play to shape the future into a kinder one.