Skyggni á Turtle barnavagn

kr. 17.900

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Skyggni á Turtle barnavagn frá danska framleiðandanum Winther.
Ath. að fyrir fjögurra sæta vagn þarf tvö skyggni og fyrir sex sæta vagn þarf þrjú skyggni.

Vörunúmer: WIN31324 Flokkar: , , , Merkimiðar: ,


The Turtle Kiddy Bus makes children want to go for lots of outdoor rides. It makes outdoor activities easier and safer for both children and adults. The Kiddy Bus is not only robust, it also features a well-thought-of design that focuses on safety, durability and ergonomics. It is combined with a number of practical details and – of course – room to do what children do. The children sit in pairs opposite each other, making it easy to talk with their friends. They get in and out through a side door, just like in a real bus. It is fun for children, and it saves adults the strain of repeated heavy lifting.


Þyngd 2000 g
Ummál 75 × 38 × 5 cm