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Sit, gather, learn, and play on the Primary Border Carpet! Spacious seating spaces make this colorful carpet the perfect tool to efficiently organize your classroom for storytime, quiet time, or anytime!

Dimensions: 244 x 366 cm


Everyone has their own spot! The Primary Grid Seating Carpet creates a fun and bold atmosphere in the classroom environment through the use of primary-based colors, while also providing the perfect structure for helping to organize large groups during group activities. Soft, yet durable, each carpet is made using stain-resistant nylon . Surge stitching provides tough, no-pull edges that stand up to the rigorous classroom environment. Set up the perfect area for learning and play in your classroom with our colorful, multi-sized carpets.

Carpet is made from 100% stain-resistant nylon.
Surge stitching for tough, no-pull edges.

Dimensions: 244 x 366 cm



Þyngd 10000 g
Ummál 30 × 30 × 250 cm