TWICKTO Education Set

kr. 22.500kr. 31.500

There are three different Twickto Education sets available, each packed conveniently in robust and stackable boxes. They are sealable, durable and provided with a clear table on contents. The difference between the boxes lies within the contents. All boxes are provided with a clear instruction and construction examples and include tips for teachers.
Education set #1 is the basic set and consists of no less than 368 parts. An insertion file with 12 examples is included with the set. However, children can build endlessly with this set. For some constructions you need a TwickTool. In this set you will find two TwickTools, so that building together is even easier. Age: from 6 years.
Education set #2 consists of 525 separate parts. 18 paper examples are included as a first guidence. However, the constructions that a child can build with this set are endless. Three Twicktools are available for the constructions where a TwickTool is required. This makes it even easier for children to get started together. Age: from 6 years.
Education set #3 is the most comprehensive of the three. With 606 parts and 19 example constructions, this package offers endless construction possibilities. The set contains no less than four TwickTools, so that even the most difficult constructions can be built together as a group. Age: from 6 years.


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