BIG Stöng Premium Push Rod

kr. 11.930

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Stýristöng með baki, slá og stýrislás sem festist aftan á BIG Bobby sparkbíla svo að hægt sé að stýra þeim.

Multi 4-vega hæðarstillanleg stöng (88 – 108 cm) fyrir BIG Bobby bílategundir Classic, Next og Neo (frá árinu 2012).


With the BIG premium push rod, the little ones’ driving fun can be supported by adults and, if necessary, steered in the right direction.

All it takes is a short push on the handle and the little racer’s course can be safely determined or corrected. The included adapter allows the steering wheel to be locked, so that only the push rod can be used to steer. What sets the BIG Premium push rod apart from the other push rods in the range is the movable side guard, which allows the little racers to stay in place. Even if the little passenger is just being pushed comfortably and nods off at the wheel or loses his or her balance, the side protection prevents a fall and thus ensures even more safety. This means that even longer distances, such as the trip to the kindergarten, can be mastered in a super relaxed and safe manner. If the side protection is not needed, it can simply be folded up and attached to the push bar. In addition to practical functions, the BIG premium push bar also has playful features. Gearshifts and keys on the sides provide additional play opportunities.

The integrated backrest offers children additional support and with the help of the new ergonomic handle, two-handed control is also possible. This not only makes driving easier for the little ones, but also makes it more comfortable for the adults.

The easy-to-use telescopic handlebar is 4-way height adjustable (from 88 cm – 107.5 cm) and can be moved into the transport position for space-saving transport. Assembly is very easy with a coupling pin already fixed to the push rod.

The BIG Premium push rod fits all BIG Bobby Car models, the BIG Bobby Car Classic, the NEXT and the Neo. It is manufactured in the modern BIG factory in Germany and is tested for maximum safety. From the manufacturer of the BIG-Bobby-Car – BIG-buffalo strong! For children from 1-5 years.


Þyngd 2000 g
Ummál 10 × 26 × 54 cm



Simba Dickie Group, er þýskt fyrirtæki, sem er með nokkur vörumerki undir sínum hatti. Fyrirtækið hefur í fjölda ár framleitt vönduð og góð leikföng fyrir börn.