Sanus Heilsustóll Svartur

kr. 79.900

Sanus® heilsustólinn frá Bungarten er einkar meðfærilegur og þægilegur í notkun. Stólinn býður upp á að bakinu sé snúið fram og aftur og er hægt að nýta það sem stuðning við bakið eða hendurnar.

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Sanus® health chair, backrest, height-adjustable

One of the main causes of back problems and herniated discs in the lower lumbar spine is shortening of the hip flexor muscles as a result of a crooked sitting posture or a sitting position that is too low.

The Sanus® health chair, developed by designers in collaboration with doctors and tested by educators, offers the ideal prophylaxis against deformations of the spine or intervertebral discs. Simple to use, ingenious thanks to its fully swiveling backrest when seated, and beneficial in its effect because it simply does not allow a wrong posture, the Sanus® health chair should not be missing in your facility.

· Five chrome feet with hard floor castors (and rollstop), smaller than usual, make you mobile and also enable you to roll under tables with a small height

· The upholstered backrest, which can be completely swiveled from a sitting position (through 360º), can be turned into every conceivable position: sideways or to support the arms in front and of course backwards to support the back

· The practical round ring allows easy adjustment of the seat height

· Round upholstered seat with high quality seat core

· With height-adjustable backrest

Loadable up to approx. 110 kg

Other heights and colors possible on request


Þyngd 4000 g
Ummál 50 × 50 × 50 cm



Bungarten is a German company specializes in health chairs. Sækja bækling frá Bungarten hér.