Guidecraft ljósaborð / LED Activity Tablet

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LED virkni spjaldtölva fyrir ljós og litarannsóknir, rekja og vísindi (fyrir heimili).
Ultra-slim LED Activity Tablet (1.9 cm profile) with a hardwood beech frame provides a bright, consistent and evenly-lit surface that is perfect for light and color exploration, science activities, tracing, stenciling and more. Weighing only 2,25 kg, the 30 x 40 cm illuminated center features thousands of individual energy efficient LEDs. Guaranteed to last up to 30,000 hours. AC power adapter plugs into a wall outlet and features a simple on/off switch. Protective plastic covers reinforce corners and ensure durability. UL Listed and approved. A great companion to our Rainbow Blocks, Jr. Rainbow Blocks, PowerClix®, Interlox and more. (L48,3 cm x W38,1 cm x D1,9 cm)

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LED activity tablet for light and color exploration, tracing and science
Unlike standard bulbs, LEDs don’t break and last up to 30,000 hours
Energy-efficient LEDs provide a bright, evenly lit surface
Solid beech frame with protective plastic corners
A/C power adapter included
Simple on/off switch
Material: Hardwood beech frame, LED light pad, birch plywood backing, UL-listed power converter and cord
Educational Focus: Light and color exploration, science activities, tracing, stenciling and STEM activities
Suggested Age: 2+
Dimensions: 19″W x 15″D x .75″H (L48,3 cm x W38,1 cm x D1,9 cm)


Þyngd 2000 g
Ummál 49 × 2 × 39 cm