Hape Baby Einstein Playful Painter

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Hágæða þroskaleikfang frá Hape í samvinnu við Baby Einstein.

6+ mán


Begin your infant’s creative process with the Baby Einstein + Hape Playful Painter Magic Touch Color Palette. This Montessori-inspired toy features 2 modes of mess-free color exploration, and rewards baby’s curiosity with lights, music, and more. In Color Discovery mode, press each paint splotch to discover 6 primary and secondary color names in 3 languages. Select Color Mixing mode for interactive play, as baby connects each color name to engaging light sequences and melodies. Both modes introduce important developmental skills like cause and effect while promoting sensory engagement and language discovery. Magic Touch technology responds to every tap, and volume control protects tiny ears. Also features Zen the Zebra from Baby Einstein videos, and a sleek, wooden design that easily wipes clean. Intended for artists ages 6 months and up. Requires 2 AAA batteries.
2 modes of creative play. Press a mess-free paint splotch to introduce primary and secondary colors in Color Discovery mode, or switch to Color Mixing to engage baby with interactive, color-associative lights and music.
Ultra-responsive Magic Touch technology responds easily to baby’s gentlest tap.
Introduces color names in 3 languages and promotes cause and effect and sensory discovery through interactive lights and music.
Zen the Zebra from Baby Einstein videos welcomes baby to experiment with colors.
Toy is 26.7 cm X 18.2 cm X 4.3 cm and requires 2 AAA batteries. Wooden design easily wipes clean.


Þyngd 800 g
Ummál 30 × 2 × 5 cm


Baby Einstein


LOVE - PLAY - LEARN Holding the Hape philosphy dear to the design of every product. Love is the mutual love between child and parent. Play is the experience of success or failure. Learn is the natural outcome from love and play. Deep in our hearts, we believe that play is the most import thing for children all over the world. Germany invented the word and the concept "kindergarten", and if children learn true play, they will have deeper understanding of many things in life and therefore become better adults in the future.