Hjólbörur með tveimur hjólum

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Hágæða hjólbörur frá danska framleiðandanum Winther.
Hentar mjög vel fyrir leikskóla og grunnskóla.
Winther sérhæfir sig í að framleiða gæða þríhjól og hjól fyrir börn
sem stuðla að þróun líkamlegrar færni og hreyfileikni þeirra.

Fyrir börn á aldrinum 2-4 ára.
L x H x W : 81x30x38 cm

Vörunúmer: WIN43620 Flokkar: , , , Merkimiðar: , , ,


To an adult, it looks very simple. To a child, it is a machine from a different world and love at first sight. The tricycle helps develop children’s motor skills. The tricycle seduces children of all ages and, in the process, trains their muscles and develops their sense of coordination and space faster than you can say „try it“.
By the age of three, when the child has developed a little more body awareness, they will be able to start learning how to operate pedals and steer the bicycle. The extra wheel also provides good support for the child who has not quite mastered keeping their balance.
The sense of independence that comes with the ability to move around freely gives the child a confidence boost that makes all the effort worthwhile. And just as importantly, they make their own decisions and control the direction of play. The children organise things thenselves and decide what will happen, so everything is entirely on their terms. Along the way, they explore things in many different ways, which benefits their self-development. At the same time, they strengthen their social skills by interacting with their peers through play.


Þyngd 5160 g
Ummál 81 × 38 × 30 cm