Laby Jafnvægis-Kúlubraut

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Leiktu með hágæða Laby Kúlubraut fr4á Quercetti.
18 mánaða-5 ára

Vörunúmer: QUE6500 Flokkur: Merkimiðar: , ,


Place the 16 modular elements in the frame, then make the balls follow the track in the right direction and at the right speed. It’s fun and surprising for children to use their fingers to tilt the track and see the balls move forward, stop or roll back according to how they hit the edge of the frame.
The track elements can be set up in a thousand different ways, and the surface is designed to make a fun sound that changes according to the speed of the ball, making it more interesting for the child.
1.5-5 years old


Þyngd 600 g
Ummál 30 × 30 × 6 cm