Rubens Barn Activity Cutie

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Meet the Rubens Cutie Activity dolls. Discover each fun handmade character and learn about their personalities and interests. Be it food, painting or building, these cuties like to show up dressed for the occasion.

We are soft handmade dolls that love to learn about different personalities and interests together with you. What better way to do that than through play?

Emilie: I am dreamy. My favourite daydream is living a day as a little pink fuzzy cat!

Adam: I am bubbly and paint my very own imaginary friends.

Karin: I am shy! I like to sit and build new inventions from building blocks.

Hanna: I am active. I like to be outside and run around.

Jennifer: I am cheeky. My friends say I’m funny and full of surprises.

Charlie: I am curious. I love food and trying new tastes.

Height: 32 cm

Weight: 155 g

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You can also find plenty of inspiring videos, patterns and community ideas for making fun clothes through the Rubens Barn D.I.T. (Do-It-Together) campaign.

Why Do It Yourself when we can Do It Together?

D.I.T. is a campaign to encourage children and parents to engage in a creative activity together by designing outfits with personality for the Cutie dolls.


Þyngd 155 g
Ummál 20 × 20 × 32 cm



Rubens Barn

Play Your Way to a Kinder Future with Rubens Barn! At Rubens Barn, we believe in helping children become confident and compassionate individuals. This is why each Rubens Barn doll has been developed to help increase creativity and empathy as well as self-awareness through play. They are Swedish designed, high-quality, and handmade soft dolls, all with happy unique characters for us who are kids at heart! Our Mission & Vision At Rubens Barn, we love collaborating with experts, listening to our customers, and finding inspiration from other industries. This motivates and inspires us to keep up with the needs of the current and future generations to come. We offer a unique and nurturing friend to all children around the world to help them develop the tools and confidence through play to shape the future into a kinder one.