Rubens Barn Tummies

kr. 12.750

Meet Rubens Tummies, our organic warming and cooling dolls! Rubens Tummies contain Swedish, organic and removable wheat bags for heating and cooling. They are perfect for warm and cosy bedtimes, hot summer days, fevers and pains. Heat your bag in the microwave or cool it in the freezer depending on your needs!

Rubens Tummies care about the environment.

Rubens Tummies are made of Organic Content Standard (OCS) organic cotton. They are filled with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) PET stuffing and their tummies contain weighted wheat bags.

Sol: I love to stay up to watch the midnight sun as I lay close to keep you safe.

Celsius: I stay warm to make your pains go away and cool down when you have a fever.

Fahren: I like to cosy and cuddle you into sleepy adventures.

Lumi. I like warm cuddles in the winter and keep you cool in the summer.

Kelvin: I’m a good listener who loves to be told fun bedtime stories.

Summer: I love to follow along with you to play indoors and outdoors.

Height: 31 cm

Weight: 370 g

0+ árs


How to use

Microwave: Heat the wheat bag for about 60 seconds at 600W (reduce the time for higher watt level) in a clean microwave.

Oven: About 100°C for 10 minutes. It will remain warm for about 30-40 minutes.

Freezer: Place the wheat bag in a freezer for 1 to 3 hours. It will remain cold for about 30 minutes.

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Þyngd 370 g
Ummál 20 × 20 × 30 cm



Rubens Barn

Play Your Way to a Kinder Future with Rubens Barn! At Rubens Barn, we believe in helping children become confident and compassionate individuals. This is why each Rubens Barn doll has been developed to help increase creativity and empathy as well as self-awareness through play. They are Swedish designed, high-quality, and handmade soft dolls, all with happy unique characters for us who are kids at heart! Our Mission & Vision At Rubens Barn, we love collaborating with experts, listening to our customers, and finding inspiration from other industries. This motivates and inspires us to keep up with the needs of the current and future generations to come. We offer a unique and nurturing friend to all children around the world to help them develop the tools and confidence through play to shape the future into a kinder one.