Twin Bike hjól

kr. 103.900

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Hágæða „tvíburahjól“ frá danska framleiðandanum Winther.

Hentar mjög vel fyrir leikskóla og grunnskóla.

Winther sérhæfir sig í að framleiða gæða þríhjól og hjól fyrir börn sem stuðla að þróun líkamlegrar færni og hreyfileikni þeirra.

Fyrir börn á aldrinum 6-12 ára.
Burðargeta: 100 kg
Stærð: 800 x 920 x 550 mm


It is time for the children to team up with their best friend on the playground. By using their mutual coordination skills they can go in any direction they like, as long as they agree about it. This is an excellent way for them to stimulate coordination and also to learn social skills.

The Twin Bike is more than just a bicycle—it’s also a platform for teamwork and friendship. As the young adventurers hop on, they’ll discover the thrill of coordinating their movements in perfect harmony. From pedaling in sync to steering as one, the Twin Bike challenges their coordination skills like never before, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation between its passengers.

The Twin Bike also serves as a social hub, allowing its riders to chit chat and bond along the way. Imagine the joy of sharing stories, jokes, and dreams as the wind rushes through their hair. This bike creates an opportunity for young friends to strengthen their connection

The Twin Bike represents the joy of togetherness and thrill of coordination.

Age: 6-12 years

Dimensions (HxWxD):
800 x 920 x 550 mm


Þyngd 20000 g
Ummál 120 × 70 × 70 cm