BIG Fendt Tool Carrier Dráttarvél

kr. 35.700

Á lager

Dráttarvél fyrir verkfæraflutninga með pedölum frá þýska framleiðandanum BIG.

Fyrir 3+ ára


Lovers of this historic model will be delighted with the lovingly designed Fendt implement carrier nostalgia tractor from BIG, the manufacturer of the well-known BIG Bobby Car. Faithfully recreated in detail, the classic „Fendt GT“ is available for children aged three and over. This implement carrier is a special vehicle with the loading area mounted in front of the driver’s seat. There is plenty of room for small and large loads on the large loading area. For loading and unloading, the drop sides can be folded down and closed as desired.

Thanks to the integrated precision chain drive, the tractor can be driven with little power and is therefore easy to drive even for small children. Child-friendly pedals ensure safe driving fun. The toothed pinion steering enables easy and stepless steering of the tractor. In addition, the chain can be easily retightened if necessary thanks to the integrated eccentric. To ensure that children have fun with the tractor for a long time, the seat can be adjusted to the respective leg length of the driver in three stages. A trailer coupling at the front and at the back provide additional playing fun. Suitable for ages 3 to 5 years and a body height of 95 cm to 115 cm.

The Fendt implement carrier is made from high-quality materials in the modern BIG factory in Germany.

Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 102 x 46 x 54 cm


Þyngd 10000 g
Ummál 90 × 47 × 47 cm



Simba Dickie Group, er þýskt fyrirtæki, sem er með nokkur vörumerki undir sínum hatti. Fyrirtækið hefur í fjölda ár framleitt vönduð og góð leikföng fyrir börn.